580EX II

Owners of Canon 580EX II ( TYPE II ONLY) and Turbo 2x2, Turbo SC, Turbo C Important Operating Notice
Solution: Set Flash Custom Function #01 Auto power off to Disable (1) Problem The custom function on the Canon 580EX II is set to (0)enabled when shipped. This function enables the flash go to sleep after a predetermined time of idling. If custom function 01 is not turned off the flash will go to sleep and the Turbo Batteries will shut down. If C.Fn 01 is not disabled you must turn the Turbo OFF and then ON otherwise it will not wake-up when the flash awakes. Disabling this function will prevent the above Turbos from shutting down. Connecting Procedure for Canon System / Canon 580EX II with above Turbos If the procedure below is not followed the Turbo with not operate. Mount flash to camera. Connect Turbo long CZ/short CCZ flash cable between 580EX II and Turbo 2x2, Turbo SC or Turbo C. Turn on camera and flash. Turn on the Turbo last.
In addition, if C.Fn 12 is turned on ES2 should not be used.
Attention users of the discontinued Canon 5D camera: Turbo Compact & Turbo Blade cannot be mounted under Canon 5D unless the Canon Battery Grip BG-E4 is mounted underneath the camera.